ChEESE hosts a webinar about Kokkos

ChEESE hosts a webinar about Kokkos

In our latest webinar, hosted by the Center of Excellence in Simulation of Weather and Climate in Europe (ChEESE) on January 18, 2022, we delved into the Kokkos C++ library—a tool designed for the development of performance-portable applications across CPUs and GPUs. Guided by Rohit Kakodkar from Princeton University, this session offered an insightful overview of the Kokkos programming model and it’s now available on YouTube.

On July 7th, 2023, ChEESE organized a webinar on “Kokkos: A Portable Programming Library for the Exascale Era.” The session aimed to provide a foundational understanding of the Kokkos C++ library, a tool for developing performance-portable applications capable of running on both CPUs and GPUs. This capability is increasingly vital in a landscape where computational efficiency across various architectures can significantly impact research outcomes.

The webinar was led by Rohit Kakodkar, a Research Software Engineer II at Princeton University, who brought his expertise and insights into the practical applications and benefits of using Kokkos. The focus was on how Kokkos facilitates the creation of code that can adapt to different hardware environments, thus ensuring broader applicability and efficiency of computational projects.

During the session, attendees were introduced to the fundamentals of the Kokkos programming model, along with discussions on its relevance and applicability in today’s high-performance computing landscape. A significant portion of the webinar was dedicated to a case study on porting SPECFEM2D to Kokkos, providing a concrete example of the library’s utility in enhancing the performance portability of scientific software.

For those who missed the live presentation or wish to review the material, the webinar is now available on YouTube. This recording serves as a valuable resource for developers and researchers interested in exploring the advantages of the Kokkos library for their computational needs.

This session is part of ChEESE’s ongoing efforts to support the high-performance computing community by providing access to knowledge and tools essential for advancing computational science. By facilitating discussions on technologies like Kokkos, ChEESE aims to contribute to the development of more efficient and adaptable computational strategies.

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