20 Jan 2024

“Floodable Spain”

ChEESE appears in the documentary on the Spanish TV show “Comando Actualidad” about “La España Inundable” (“Floodable Spain”).

Medium Blog

27 Dec 2023

“HySEA Tsunami Simulation Aided by SYCL”

Science Communicator Rob Mueller-Albrecht talks about ChEESE on his article “HySEA Tsunami Simulation Aided by SYCL” in his blog platform Medium.


21 Dec 2023

“The pivotal elements of the Marenostrum 5 supercomputer, its objectives, and its prospective advantages”

The Spanish 20minutos news platform mentions the research of ChEESE CoE.


21 Dec 2023

HPC Wire

21 Dec 2023


11 Dec 2023

“Are we prepared for the tsunami?”

Engaging film featuring ChEESE simulations offering an in-depth look at the earthquake and tsunami threats facing the Iberian Peninsula: “¿Estamos preparados para el tsunami?”


11 Nov 2023

“A tsunami in Cádiz would cause floods up to 12 meters high”

Article from Spanish newspaper CadizDirecto featuring a tsunami simulation for the ChEESE project by the UMA partners.


11 Nov 2023

‘Crisis Cabinet: Tsunami”

Science Communicator Emilio Doménech delves into Spain’s tsunami risk in the feature ‘Crisis Cabinet: Tsunami.’ Notable experts from UMA such as Jorge Macías, who are key contributors to ChEESE and participate in the discourse.

Canal Sur

16 Sep 2023

“Los reporteros: tsunamis”

ChEESE efforts explained on the TV show “Los reporteros” from Canal Sur, discussing the work of EDANYA Research Group and the University of Málaga.


15 Sep 2023

Supercomputing and AI to Minimize the Impact of Earthquakes

Interview with Marisol Monterrubio about “Supercomputing and AI to Minimize the Impact of Earthquakes” and the impact of ChEESE.


4 Mar 2023

CSIC and BSC establish the joint Computational Geophysics Unit

News regarding the establishment of the associated Computational Geophysics Unit on the BSC website.

Il Giornale della Protezione Civile

2 Mar 2023