ChEESE Tsunami and Meteo-Tsunami Modelling Training Course Now Available Online

The ChEESE Tsunami and Meteo-Tsunami Modelling Training Course, held on May 13 and 14, is now available to watch online in a two-part series on YouTube.

This comprehensive training course provides participants with essential knowledge and numerical tools for the mathematical modelling and numerical simulation of tsunamis and meteo-tsunamis. The webinar kicked off with a theoretical overview of the processes and mechanisms behind these natural events. Participants then delved into practical simulations using the European flagship code, Tsunami-HySEA. This powerful tool solves 2D shallow water equations in both hydrostatic and dispersive forms, using high-order Finite Volume (FV) discretization for hydrostatic scenarios and Finite Differences (FD) for dispersive versions on two-way structured nested meshes in spherical coordinates. Additionally, the Meteo-HySEA extension was covered, demonstrating how meteorological forcing such as atmospheric pressure and wind stress can be integrated as boundary conditions.

You can now access the entire training course online, divided into two detailed sessions:

Academic Staff:

  • Jorge Macías (UMA)
  • Clea Denamiel (RBI)
  • Carlos Sánchez Linares (UMA)
  • Alejandro González del Pino (UMA)

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