EuroHPC Summit · 18 - 21 March 2024

Type: Congress

Date: 19-21/03/2024

Location: Hybrid


The ChEESE Center of Excellence (CoE) will participate in the EuroHPC Summit 2024, a key event for the European high-performance computing (HPC) community. Scheduled from March 18-21 in Antwerp, Belgium, the EuroHPC Summit is designed as a collaborative platform that brings together researchers, industry experts, and policymakers. The focus of the summit is on discussing technological advancements, exploring new collaborations, and shaping the future of Europe’s HPC initiatives. This year’s summit aligns with the Belgian presidency’s vision for Europe’s HPC landscape.

At the summit, ChEESE CoE will be in:

  • Pannel session “Centres of Excellence: Deploying Flagship Codes on EuroHPC Supercomputers” with Arnau Folch (CSIC), which will cover the deployment of flagship computational codes on EuroHPC supercomputers, detailing the technical challenges and solutions.
  • Session “European HPC NCCs and CoEs Workshop”, with Piero Lanucara (CINECA).
  • Poster “ChEESE CoE”: with Arnau Folch, this session will display a poster summarizing the CoE’s recent achievements and ongoing projects in the realm of HPC.

The EuroHPC Summit provides a venue for detailed discussion and exchange on the progress and future direction of HPC in Europe. ChEESE CoE’s participation underscores its dedication to enhancing HPC applications in geophysics and contributing to the European HPC ecosystem.