Webinar · 29 April 2024
Good Science in EuroHPC Centers of Excellence: Incorporating Gender Analysis in Research

Type: Open webinar

Date: 29/04/2024

Time: 11:00 CEST

Location: Online

Registration: https://shorturl.at/deq19

The ChEESE Center of Excellence is proud to announce the webinar “Good Science in EuroHPC Centers of Excellence: Incorporating Gender Analysis in Research,” led by Dr. Débora Zurro. This session, organised by ChEESE CoE’s equality committee and EuroCC Spain, seeks to enlighten attendees on the integration of gender perspectives within HPC research endeavors, especially within the framework of EuroHPC Centers of Excellence. Stay tuned for further details on this insightful webinar.


About the Professor:

Dr. Débora Zurro is a distinguished scholar with a Ph.D. in Prehistoric Archaeology from the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB), earned in 2010. Her career has been marked by methodological innovation in archaeology, with a specific emphasis on the visibility of plant resource consumption in the archaeology of hunter-gatherer societies along coastlines, notably concerning American coastal societies.


Dr. Zurro boasts extensive international experience, having spent 125 weeks at foreign institutions, including the University of Cambridge, CONICET-Argentina, and the Czech Academy of Sciences, among others. She has led highly methodological ethnoarchaeological projects in the Beagle Channel (Argentina), focusing on archaeobotany and soil analysis, and currently pursues similar work in Chile’s Atacama Desert. Her research often explores plant resource management, traditionally associated with gathering and feminine aspects, thus incorporating gender dimensions into her studies as a critical perspective against the discipline’s androcentrism.


Dr. Zurro joined the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) as a Mid-Level Technician in 2004, following several specialization fellowships abroad and a predoctoral scholarship from the Generalitat de Catalunya. Her career has balanced increasing research responsibilities with project management and laboratory administration. She earned her doctorate in 2010 and became a Senior Scientist at the IMF-CSIC in 2018, where she has served as the Director of the Department of Archaeology and Anthropology, Deputy Director of Research at the IMF-CSIC, and coordinator for the research groups CASES – Culture and Socioecological Dynamics and HUMANE – Human Ecology and Archaeology.

As of 2023, she is a Research Scientist in Transdisciplinary Science at the Global Society Area, part of the HUMANE – Human Ecology and Archaeology group, focusing on long-term socio-environmental relations and the application of new analytical methodologies such as social simulation and quantitative techniques in archaeology. This group is affiliated with the Milà i Fontanals Institution for Research in Humanities (IMF), where she currently leads the cross-disciplinary gender line.

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This webinar welcomes participation from all EuroHPC Centers of Excellence and other interested parties.