Webinar · December 20th, 2023

Device accelerated solvers with PETSc

Type: Webinar

Date: 20/12/23

Time: 11:00

Location: Remote

Registration: https://shorturl.at/cetGI

Despite the revolutionary impact of GPU computing power on various computational tasks, challenges emerge when trying to efficiently utilize these architectures for the solution of large nonlinear systems of partial differential equations, highlighting the need for tailored algorithms.

In this talk, Senior Researcher Stefano Zampini will discuss recent developments towards exploiting GPUs with the Portable and Extensible Toolkit for Scientific Computing (PETSc), an award-winning software for the numerical solution of large systems of nonlinear and time-dependent partial differential equations.

The focus will center on diverse components essential to PDE solver construction, encompassing Krylov methods, direct solvers, preconditioners, multi-GPU communications, and distributed sparse matrix-matrix multiplications. The objective is to furnish the audience with valuable insights into attainable and realistic performance expectations.

Instructor: Stefano Zampini (Senior Research Scientist, Extreme Computing Research Center
Computer, Electrical and Mathematical Sciences and Engineering Division)

Registration: To participate in this webinar and receive all the information you need, we encourage you to register using the provided link. As the event will be conducted remotely, registered participants will receive instructions on how to access the webinar online.