OpenCL for GPU Computing: A Webinar Recap

OpenCL for GPU Computing: A Webinar Recap

In the specialized field of high-performance computing, OpenCL presents an alternative to CUDA for GPU computing, offering wide compatibility across various platforms. ChEESE  hosted a webinar to explore OpenCL’s potential, led by Dr. Moritz Lehmann. This session aimed to introduce OpenCL and its optimization techniques, making it accessible to researchers interested in GPU computing. The webinar, now available on Dr. Lehmann’s YouTube channel, provides a practical overview for those looking to understand OpenCL’s application in supercomputing environments.

In the realm of GPU computing, OpenCL has quietly held its ground amidst the dominance of CUDA, despite common beliefs about efficiency disparities. Recognizing the shifting landscape of high-performance computing (HPC) — with Nvidia, AMD, and Intel all stepping into the arena with robust data-center GPUs — the ChEESE Centre of Excellence (CoE) recently hosted a pivotal webinar. The session was dedicated to demystifying OpenCL and showcasing its unparalleled adaptability across different GPU architectures since its inception in 2009.

Led by Dr. Moritz Lehmann, an authority in the field, the webinar provided a comprehensive introduction to OpenCL. It not only covered the basics but also delved into the significant advantages OpenCL holds over proprietary languages, especially its exceptional compatibility with all GPU hardware. Dr. Lehmann’s presentation included a practical case study demonstrating the main techniques for optimizing OpenCL performance, pushing it to the limits of the physical roofline model.

The workshop was designed for researchers engaged in HPC and required attendees to have a basic understanding of programming in C/C++. This ensured that the discussions and technical deep dives remained accessible to those with foundational programming skills.

In a move to extend the reach of this insightful session, Dr. Lehmann has made the webinar available on his YouTube channel. This initiative allows a broader audience to benefit from the knowledge shared during the workshop and engage in an ongoing conversation about optimizing their applications using OpenCL.

For those interested in exploring the capabilities of OpenCL and understanding how it can be leveraged for more efficient GPU computing across various supercomputing environments, this webinar is an invaluable resource. Watch the video to gain insights into OpenCL’s performance optimization techniques and to participate in the wider discussion about future applications in HPC.

The ChEESE CoE continues to support advancements in supercomputing and encourages researchers to explore OpenCL as a viable and efficient option for their computational needs. Stay tuned for more events and resources aimed at empowering the HPC community.


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